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Created by Robert Laura, the Naked Retirement book, workshop and bonus material is one of the first and only programs to help people prepare for actual life in retirement instead of the time leading up to it. It's a fun, more creative, and personal approach to retirement planning that targets the body, mind, and spirit rather that your wallet.

An Interactive and Compelling Message That Empowers You To Create The Retirement You Deserve

Flirting With Retirement - Naked Retirement

Throughout the material Laura eludes to the reality that your biggest retirement threat is not inflation, health care costs, or running out of money. He emphasizes that what no one is telling you about retirement is that each one of those planning factors pale in comparison to running out of family, friends, and good. Something he puts an exclamation point on through a series of worksheets you can complete on your own, with a group, or along with his video workshop which is included.

This is not the type of retirement planning your parents or grandparents did. In fact, people today are not only living longer but are also more responsible for creating their own successful retirement than ever before. That's why it's so essential to make this part of retirement plans right now

You'll realize immediately that profound benefits of this approach as you redefine retirement ton your terms instead of those associated with money.

His humorous words, comments, and years of client experience make it an essential tool and resource that you can completely quick but use for a life time. It's time you joined the exclusive club of people ready to make a meaningful and successful transition into retirement.